Guide To Apply Moisturizer On Your Skin

It seems easy enough to moisturize your skin so it looks its best, and if you have a regular skincare routine, you’re used to it. You know how important moisturizer is in the morning and just before bedtime, and why it’s important to moisturize your face right after showering or cleansing (including moisture while the skin is moist). But did you know that there are other times when you should moisturize that seem strange-even counterintuitive-to keep your skin healthy, alive and young? We also have for a while, so you are not alone. Read on to learn more about five unexpected times you need to apply a moisturizer and for some of our favorite moisturizers to add to your routine.


The first thing you might think when an annoying rash occurs is that your facial moisturizer must be the culprit and must go. However, if you remove all the moisture from your skin, your Complexion can dry out, which makes the skin overcompensate and produces even more oil. A consistent skincare routine is a must, including moisturizing twice a day. If you are concerned about clogged pores, opt for a non-comedogenic formula. For oily skin, look for a water-based moisturizer like L’Oréal Paris Hydra Genius Daily Liquid Care – Normal/oily skin. It is formulated with hyaluronic acid and aloe water to continuously moisturize the skin, and has a mattifying effect to remove excess sebum that can lead to clogged pores and cause breakouts.


The best way to prepare your skin for makeup is with your skincare routine, and layering on the moisturizer should be the last step in this Routine before applying makeup. If you reapply your makeup-without repeating your skincare routine – it’s always important to moisturize. A face moisturizer moisturizes and smooths your skin and gives you the perfect Complexion to apply your desired look. You’ll notice how your makeup is best applied to freshly hydrated skin, especially if you use a powder primer like L’Oréal Paris Infallible Up to 24 Hours Of fresh wear in a powdery, matte finish for all day.


If you feel like walking barefoot, using a moisturizer is a solid way to keep your skin fresh, hydrated, and natural. While it may not give you the coverage that makeup offers, it smooths your skin and imperfections to give you a beautiful complexion. Try a tinted moisturizer on days when you still want light coverage. We love L’Oréal Paris Skin Paradise water Infunded Tinted Moisturizer for hydration that comes with a fresh glow.



Have you ever noticed that every time you go on a trip, your skin seems to slip? The cabin of an airplane can have very dry air, which can dry out your skin. Stay on top by quickly refreshing your skin with a leave-in cleanser before you start. Need a rec? Try L’Oreal Paris Micellar cleansing water Waterproof Complete cleanser-all skin types. Then apply a moisturizing moisturizer. Once you have landed, repeat this process if your skin is dry.


We know – this is not new to anyone. But with all the hand washing we’ve done, we thought it was worth mentioning that you should moisturize your hands as often. Hand sanitizers and soaps can dry to replenish moisture, follow your cleaning every time with hand cream. Take L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition Manuka Honey All Over Balm-face, neck, chest, and hands for nutrition at home and on the go.

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