Reasons You Shouldn’t Let Critics Shape Your Music

Whether songwriters like it or not, critics and tastemakers, who represent Blogs and the media, are an important part of how music is reviewed, marketed, and sold, and that probably won’t change so quickly. With the importance of music review to the success and longevity of a publication, it can be tempting for authors to try to sound their music in a way that they think will appeal to critics, but they shouldn’t. Here are three reasons why:

1. music written for critics turns out to be insincere

Music that manages to remain relevant, authentic, and effective almost always comes from a place of desire and dissatisfaction. and real emotions in a songwriter. Music critics and listeners can see if their music comes from a real place of honesty and reflection or if it is aimed at imitating the feelings and ideas of others. As you write music, make sure you work in a way that honors your unique thoughts, ideas, and stories.

2. the type of music that attracts critics is constantly changing

With thousands of artists writing and publishing music more than ever, it’s almost impossible to predict which ideas will go beyond those that will entertain the masses for a year or two and then fall into permanent obscurity. It’s a bad idea to get your music to match current stylistic or thematic trends, as you run the risk of doing something that seems tired and Outdated once released. Songwriters here must strike a delicate balance between finding their own unique voice and recognizing that the music around them is constantly changing and evolving.

If you want to emulate the trends you hear in the music around you, take the time to wonder what exactly you associate with such resonance. Whether it’s vocal manipulation techniques currently used in so much electronic music, or Folk – ” Whoop!” heard in so many songs around 2010, many music trends are short-lived, so don’t put them in your music to please critics.

3. It will not work

Probably the biggest reason not to create music to please critics is that it probably doesn’t work. Despite what you might think, music review is not an easy task, and after a few seconds of listening, an experienced critic can determine if your music is written to do you justice. Your best bet is to do the hard work of creating music on your own terms that honor your own ideas and stories. The trick is to recognize and interpret their influences rather than imitate them directly. It’s not an easy task, but it’s something you need to do if you want to make effective music.

It is also important to recognize that critics of any art form should not have the final say on whether something is good or not. Whether it’s a huge music blog with a lot of traffic or a Youtube commentator, remember that review is just an outside perspective. If your main motivation for songwriting is to please others, neither you nor your listeners will be happy.

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