The Wonder Is Perfect Movie To Watch

It took me much longer than usual to write this review.

Yes, life was as crazy as ever – but even if I catch up all weekend, I still find myself leaving this to the end.

And I do not know exactly why.

I think part of my problem was the reaction to the movie.

It has been praised and congratulated by almost every quarter for being directed by a woman, with a strong female role, being the best DC film to date…

But all these things seem to hide the many shortcomings of the film.

To begin by saying that this is DC’s best movie is like praising your four-year-old for finally drawing a horse that looks more like a horse than a kangaroo with gout.

Basically, the bar was not exactly high.

And for that, we should take a hard look at Zak Snyder, who led the recent atrocities of Superman.

Then there is the main male role-a Chris Pine. You may have seen it in Star Trek Reboots.

Don’t worry if you didn’t, it plays exactly the same character here.

And the story is not all, to be honest.

The origin of where Diana comes from is brilliant.

But, unfortunately, it does not take long before we find ourselves in the First World War and everything happens in Captain America. Up to and including a shield.

Interestingly, all the authors credited to the film are men…

Then there’s the star of the show, Gal Gadot.

Having been introduced in Batman vs Superman (where she was the best thing in it by a mile land), much was made of the fact that it was the first female action hero.

It’s not her.

Ripley, Alien. Need I say more?

This, of course, is not to remove something Gadot, but it seems worth mentioning.

I would also like to mention Lucy Davies here.

Barely mentioned in the pieces I’ve read, she’s responsible for most of the movie’s laugh-out-loud moments.

Her unobtrusive performance and perfect comedic timing harmonize perfectly with Gadot’s” fish-out-of-water ” Diana and at the same time underline how good pine can be made of wood.

Patty Jenkins also deserves all the praise she has received.

Now because she’s a woman, but because she did a damn good job running Wonder Woman.

Having already proven her talent with Monster (not to mention a few episodes of seized Development, the Killing and, uh, Entourage), she takes a lead-free script and injects rhythm and humor wherever she can.

The final scene is essentially from Iron Man, but again it’s a writing problem – the Big Action is well-fought and makes you feel like you’re at the center of the plot.

Even the bits made clear with 3D in mind are not too boring or invasive.

If there’s one complaint, it’s that the last third of the film is as bleak and boring as Snyder’s previous DC offerings, and it would have been nice if it could have been avoided – but I guess it had to be rewritten a little.

All in all, Wonder Woman is DC’s best big-screen offering, but as I said before, it’s hardly commendable.

It’s too long, it gets a bit boring in the middle, and the final action scenes are pretty predictable – but it’s all Snyder tropes that should never have entrusted the creative reins in the first place.

It’s great that Wonder Woman breaks records at the box office, and it shows that women are not cinematographic kryptonites.

It would have been nice if the fist-headed fanboys had gotten their head out of their ass last year when Ghostbusters came out, of course, but hey-better after than ever, I guess.

When I started this review, I thought I knew what I was going to say – but since I hit my keyboard next to two snoring bitches, I think I may have changed my mind.

As a movie, I still don’t think it’s as good as others have said – but the more I think about the flaws of the movie and recognize the genders of those involved, the warmer I get.

I think maybe I should see it again soon…

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